What shelter has the smallest footprint in the world? page 23 Have you ever seen Black Rock City from space? page 2 Relaxomatic Plushitorium: wood or fabric? page 36 Hang out under the largest temporary tensile structure in the world: page 80 Wonder what was the shape of the infamous Bianca Smut Shack? page 76 What the heck is a Van Brink/Lerner dome? page 70 Icosahedron shelters, 6V domes, the Hooch, shade cloth, tent poles: looking for some addresses? more than 120 resources from page 106 to 109 Vinay Gupta invented one of the most popular shelters of BRC, find out page 38
16 years in the making, 196 photos, 112 pages, 11”x8.5” softcover, $29, the book has landed. Black Rock City is a unique urban experiment in the American landscape. For one week 50,000 people deploy treasures of ingenuity to survive in style (or not) and leave no trace in one of the harshest environment of the USA. Home of the Burning Man festival, the artistic nature of the event calls for one-of-a-kind solutions mixed with open source creations and off-the-shelf gears. From 1996 to 2010, photographer Philippe Glade documented more than 170 desert dwellings, camps and structures of BRC. This book presents for the first time a comprehensive selection of these solutions.
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One of two Panoramics with the names of all mountains
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Thank you very, very much all of you Burners from all over the world. We sent books to most of the US states, all provinces of Canada, Australia (a lot), New Zealand, Dubai, Russia Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom (a lot), Germany, Israel, Sweden, even France!
Few copies are available in San Francisco : DISTRACTIONS 1552 Haight St 4 copies left The BOOKSMITH 1644 Haight St ? WILLIAM STOUT 804 Montgomery St 1 used copy December 13, 2013 22:27PST 0 book left for the USA This edition of 1100 books will not be reprinted which means this labor of love is a collectible, see what a super duper flipper is asking for one !